Trailer Services

Here’s a quick overview of our boat services at SAL Marine. For general enquires or if you have an unusual request feel free to call us, or send us a quick email enquiry.

Bearings and brakes

Boat trailer bearings and bearing components should be professionally serviced at least once a year and inspected for signs of rust, pitting, bluing, or scoring. In addition to a full annual service, our winterising service includes thorough cleaning and lubrication of your bearings using high-performance products that prevent oxidation and offer excellent thermal stability. Along with bearing maintenance, we keep your trailer in top condition by flushing your drum or disc brakes, washing out debris, and inspecting all internal brake components for corrosion, leaks, damaged parts, or excessive wear. We also offer periodic manual adjustment of drum brakes as needed.

Hitch, winch and axles

As part of our trailer service, winches are checked for corrosion and tested for functionality. Whether you have a small manual winch or a large electric winch, we test the entire length of the strap or cable for any possible weaknesses and ensure that the gears are adequately lubricated. Hitches are also checked for looseness and any build-up of debris. As axles are an integral part of the trailer’s structure, we ensure that they are in optimum working condition by verifying that the hub bearing is properly lubricated and positioned, and by inspecting the axle(s) for rust, cracks and brittle areas.

Rollers, bunks and jockey wheels

To keep your trailer functional and safe, no component is overlooked in our trailer service. Rollers and bunks are carefully checked for corrosion, breaks and cracks, and repaired if necessary, ensuring that they will perform well and allow you to launch and load your vessel smoothly. Although bunks may have a protective coating, those covered in carpet are cleaned to remove built-up grit. In roller-style boat trailers, any grease or products stuck between spindles and rollers are removed so that the rollers can spin freely. Lastly, jockey wheels and components like the ball race and cup washers are inspected for corrosion, pitting and excessive wear, and replaced as needed.

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