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Here’s a quick overview of our boat services at SAL Marine. For general enquires or if you have an unusual request feel free to call us, or send us a quick email enquiry.

No inspection hatch? No problem! We can cut 4 " inspection hatchs in almost any tank in any posistion to insure we get into all of the baffels.
Diesel polishing and tank cleaning

Fuel cleaning is now a key feature to our services whether you are a commercial customer with 2000ltr tanks or own a small sailing boat with a 35ltr tank we can help. Our diesel polishing and tank cleaning service effectively removes water from your fuel tank, along with any sediment, algae, fungi, bugs and debris that may be resting at the bottom of the tank, guaranteeing that your fuel is completely clean and free of any water contamination. Once the fuel clean is complete we treat the tank with a chemical agent to prevent the bug from breeding again. Having diesel polishing and tank cleaning periodically carried out by our trained technicians will also help avoid problems like internal tank corrosion, a smoking engine or clogged filters. Additionally, we can verify that your diesel fuel system is suited to your vessel’s fuel capacity, helping you get the best possible performance out of your vessel.

Stern gear, propellers, rudders

Our comprehensive boat services include the inspection of stern gear components for leaks, cutlass bearing condition and the inspection and replacement of the packing. Additionally, packing and stern tube bearings are checked for proper lubrication and alignment. To ensure your rudder’s reliability, all of its components, from the blade to the pintles, are inspected for signs of deterioration, crevice corrosion and wear. To keep the propellers in perfect shape, not only are they cleaned to remove slime and barnacles, but they are also inspected for nicks, dents, bending and cracks. Any restorations or replacements are carried out using trusted techniques, as well as the best seals and antifouling paints.

Descale, prop repair, new shaft, straightened P-Bracket, new shaft bearing, engine line up.
Do your electrics look like this!! Give us a call before its to late!
DC & AC electrics and electronics

As electrical problems are common on boats of all sizes and uses, proper electrical maintenance and routine inspections are essential for your safety and your vessel’s operability. We check the condition of your DC and AC electrical systems and electronics, and our electricians can address a range of electrical issues. Where components like crimp lugs and splices may be damaged or faulty, these will be repaired or replaced using high-performance parts. Importantly, our electricians are qualified to perform marine electrical work in line with European and British regulations, keeping your engine, lighting system, appliances and electronics in prime condition while giving you peace of mind.

Antifouling and GRP repairs

By using only the highest-quality antifouling products, we keep your vessel clean and free of barnacles, molluscs, and algae. This directly helps to minimise drag, lower fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, and reduce long-term maintenance costs for the lifespan of your vessel. For GRP (fibreglass) surfaces, we repair bumps, spider-web cracks, residual scratches and indentations, while our expert technicians also restore faded and oxidised gelcoat. When carrying out restorations and repairs, we see to it that the surface is properly prepped and primed before being painted with the best possible colour match for your gelcoat, giving it a straight-from-the-showroom finish.

Freshwater and hydraulic systems

Our engineers are able to carry out fresh water repairs and upgrades to ensure you get what you need from the water system on board your vessel. We are able to supply and fit a range of water pumps, toilets, fresh water tanks, senders, pipework and more, so whether you have a leak or would like a new system fitted to your vessel, we can help.

We service, refit and repair various hydraulic systems, from steering systems and locking mechanisms to bow and stern thrusters, ensuring that each system is operating efficiently and smoothly, whether you have a large commercial vessel or a recreational sailing yacht.

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